Tangerine, Orange Summer Waist Beads with Glow in the Dark Beads

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Tangerine, Orange Summer Waist Beads with Glow in the Dark Beads.

These are the official summer waist beads! The color is so vibrant and beautiful with glow in the dark white beads. These waist beads are perfect for tracking your weight or wear them with your orange bathing suit at the beach. 

Size - adjustable up to 45 inches

Waist Beads are traditionally an African tradition of women or girls wearing small beads (seed beads) around their waist. They are commonly worn by people in certain parts of Africa, such as Ghana. Some women wear them from childhood to adulthood.

Waist beads are often used by adult women to manage their weight, the beads can be tied on permanently, therefore indicating when weight is being gained or lost.  

Waist beads also represent femininity, many women wear them for their beauty and their sensuality. 

The thinner waist beads can be worn at the hip line under your clothes. Larger waist beads can be worn at the waist and displayed when you wear crop tops or a bathing suit. 

These waist beads are authentic and handmade in Ghana. 

The items are sold by a strand (image is for decorative purpose). You will receive one waist bead.

The tie on waist beads are strung on cotton strings. This allows you to keep them on permanently, even in the bath. 

Follow the steps below to tie on your waist beads permanently until you decide to cut them off.

  1. Decide where you want to place your waist beads (waist, belly, hip). 
  2. Wrap the beads around your belly, and Remove/slip off any additional excess beads.
  3. Tie at least 2 knots, making sure there are no gaps between the waist beads.
  4. Cut off the excess string.  

Shipping - Ready to ship within 1-3 business days. 

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